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Osteopathy is a holistic approach to health

What osteopath treats

Osteopathy as a non-drug treatment has appeared relatively recently. The founder of this trend in medicine is an American surgeon A. T. Still. Eventually, this trend has become very popular, and was officially recognized in the United States and Europe.

The basic principles of osteopathy

The basis of osteopathy is considering the human body as a single unit. It’s the connection between external and internal. It’s the unity of the musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory and hormonal systems and internal organs. As a result of this approach to the human body, the doctor osteopath does not treat the disease of some particular organ, but the whole system of human life.


Methods of treatment and diagnosis

The main tool of the osteopath is his hands. An experienced specialist on the basis of muscle tension, displacement of the bones, tensioning tendons and rhythm of the internal organs can make an accurate diagnosis. Frequently such diagnosis is more accurate than the one that is diagnosed with the help of expensive modern equipment. Also on the basis of the examination, the doctor is able to identify the root cause of the disease. The treatment of the patient is carried out using the hands, however, unlike manual therapy, this treatment is not stressful. Soft and painless relaxation of the muscles and connective tissues removes the source of stress completely – the root cause of the disease.

Исцеляющие руки остеопатаThe main types of osteopathy

  • Treatment of the musculoskeletal system diseases or structural osteopathy
  • Restoration of interaction of the cranial bones and sacrum or craniosacral osteopathy
  • Treatment of internal organs or visceral osteopathy

Disease prophylaxis

A modern man is constantly exposed to the adverse environmental impact, constant stress and chronic fatigue. Naturally, with such life rhythm, it creates an imbalance in the body. Timely preventive examination by the osteopath is able to balance your body and bring the joy of your life back.

The main tool of the osteopath is his hands. With the help of sensations he sees problem areas in the body and helps the body to recover.