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About me

Ianushenko Andrij.
Neurologiskinezioigiat, chiropractor: kinesiologist, osteopath.

How I began working “soft” techniques

Graduated from the Medical University with a degree in neurology.

In parallel with the studies at the University was exploring manual therapy and massage. After the internship, was being trained by a practicing chiropractor for a year, who worked straight techniques. I was also assisting him.

First was introduced to soft manual therapy techniques during the training in Kiev. It was the impetus to start working methods of kinesiology and osteopathy. After that attended different seminars, completed courses in kinesiology under the system of "One Brain: Three in One Concepts. This system allows you to work effectively with emotional sphere, was also trained by the "Kinergetics" system.

The work methods of kinesiology and osteopathy in Warsaw

In my work I use methods of kinesiology, osteopathy. I have been actively putting them into practice since 2012. Also, I continue to learn and improve in this direction. Currently do private practice. I seek to help people regain their health.

To popularize the method I conduct kinesiology courses and master classes at festivals.