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Kinesiology is a diagnosis based on the strength of the muscles

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is one of the trends of manual therapy, the main difference of which is the diagnostic method that is based on the strength of the muscles. Manual muscle testing helps to track changes in muscle tone, their reaction with the strength or the weakness.

In the 60-ies in the USA kinesiology got separated from osteopathy, chiropractic and other sciences. Its founder is George Gudhardt.

Why are specifically muscles used to diagnose?Кинезиология

Muscles have a rapid reactivity and can respond instantly to changes of the organism condition under the effect of different techniques of diagnosis and treatment. Other systems respond more delayed in time and the changes in them don’t occur so quickly.

The basic postulate of applied kinesiology is:
"The body is a self-sustaining and self-healing system."

A specialist with the help of his hands, while not making many efforts, in contrast to the chiropractors and massage therapists, is able to relax tense areas, restore muscle tone, the work of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs.

A new perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of disease

Kinesiology does not contradict other directions that have a holistic approach to the person and seek to find the true cause of the disease. This is one of the few trends in medicine where the disease is considered as a disturbance of the Trinity health (musculoskeletal, psychological state of the person and metabolism).

In applied kinesiology there are many different techniques that help to double-check and determine what exactly needs to be treated. Thus, one achieves the safety of this method and efficiency.

Kinesiologist does not only eliminate the problem that the client comes to him with, but also restores and balances the whole body. After admission one can notice that many other problems that did not disturb so much in everyday life, disappear.  Moreover, energy gets released, which previously was used for compensation and the maintenance of the body. Accordingly, the person has more strength and ability to have an active life style, feeling wonderful.

You can learn more about the kinesiology watching the video.