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Kinesiology, osteopathy in Ukraine – is a new perspective on the diagnosis and treatment

Trinity healthThe main principle of kinesiology, osteopathy, as a manual therapy is a Trinity health.
One needs to balance the three components of the patient's health:

  • Structure (musculoskeletal system):
    the spine, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc.
  • Biochemistry (metabolic processes in the body):
    metabolism, the balance of trace elements, toxins.
  • Emotions: normalization of the psychological state,
    getting rid of stress, etc.

Kinesiology and osteopathy allow working simultaneously with all the components, as they are interrelated and influencing each other. The treatment is individual, because the causes of disturbances of each person are unique.

Someone just does a massage, and I work to restore your health

How often do not pain and depression allow you to enjoy the fullness of life? How much do you spend on regular massages, painkillers, sedatives? And do they help to fix the problem?

It is necessary to remove the cause of the malaise,
instead of unsuccessfully dealing with the consequence!

Using the muscles of the man as a hint, I look for the blocks and the tension in the body, clean them, after that the body restores itself. Pain in joints, muscles and spine recedes, posture gets corrected, depression disappears, and the quality of life improves.

Unlike massages and techniques that act only on the sore spot, I work with the entire body - from head to toe, I treat the person, not the disease. Therefore, a feeling of health and harmony lasts for a long time.

At the very 1st session of "soft" manual therapy you can already feel that to replace the pain, tension, and stiffness comes ease and flexibility.

Лечение спины мягкой мануальной терапиейThe advantages of a soft manual therapy:

  • individual approach to each person;
  • efficiency;
  • the body is considered as a single system;
  • it is the cause that gets eliminated, not the consequence;
  • not traumatic, soft, painless technique;
  • improvements happen simultaneously on all levels: physical, emotional, energetic;
  • the safety of treatment.

As a result of the session, in addition to the restoration of the body and pain relief a person gets the feeling of health, emotional state improves, there is more vitality and energy. Many problems begin to resolve themselves. Therefore, after the miraculous riddance from bodily and psychological problems customers find a kinesiologist magician.

The body is able to heal itself; our only task is to help it.

It is also possible to undergo therapeutic or relaxing massage.

Learn more about me and about what kind of problems of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs, you will be able to get rid of at my sessions.

You can book an appointment for my session of manual therapy in Ukraine by phone or by completing an application online, and then I will contact You to arrange a session time.

Kinesiology, osteopathy – is a new perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs and emotions.