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Chiropractor, osteopath in Ukraine: reviews

On this page You can leave your opinion about how Your session with Dr. Andrey Yanushenko went.

You can share the problem you came with to the chiropractor and what the effect was after the session of soft manual therapy. Whether you liked or not how the appointment went, what You received as a result, whether You got rid of the pain, tension, stress. Your posture might have got better – scoliosis, kyphosis decreased, etc., Maybe the pain in the spine, the joints, that had been bothering You for many years, passed. Simply leave a review about the doctor, what impression he made on You, whether You would like to come again.

It will be great if You can spend a few minutes to write a review so other people could also experience the effectiveness of these techniques.

To write a review


He is not a chiropractor, he is a magician!
I turned my head unsuccessfully and got stuck in that position. I came to Andrey without any hope for a speedy recovery. I wished for only one thing: to relieve the pain and to have at least a minimal ability to move. For about an hour he was working on my spine, neck, hands, shoulders, he found exactly the most painful spot, although I didn't say anything about it to him. The result is incredible! On the way back home I could already stare around easily, after the second session I ceased to feel my neglected “accounting” osteochondrosis. Thank you very much!


I think that these methods of treatment are very good. I have got convinced in the effectiveness of these methods not only once and now I want to advise them to others. Many times Andrey has helped me with the pain that I previously did not know how to get rid of. Thank you that now there is someone who can help.


Hello, I would like to share my experience after meeting with this technique!

My former complaints: persistent back pain in the shoulder blade area, psychological trauma that I was not able to get over for nearly three years.

What was done before: with the back problem I went to different therapists and chiropractors, however, there was not any result or it was temporary. I also worked with many different psychologists and coaches to help my psychological trauma, - there was no result.

At the session first we worked the back and then the psychological moment.

In about 15 minutes I felt relief in my back and the pain was gone. Back pain has long been not feeling. And speaking about the psychological aspect, I mean the result of it; I analyzed it within a couple of months and was surprised by the result!!!!

On this site I would like to say my many THANKS! The technique is soft and working! Good health to all of you!


Thank the doctor for his careful attention to the problems of his patients and the desire to help.


Our family met Andrew two years ago. I think this is a very important event in our lives. During this period, we have not just got rid of quite serious health problems, but also have learned and continue to learn a lot of useful LIFE information. Every self-respecting person must know the bases of kinesiology. This is a reasonable medicine of the third Millennium. This knowledge is especially necessary for the woman, because she is responsible for health in the family. It is interesting, useful, and the most important thing is that you will help yourself and your children to be healthy and confident people. With love and gratitude for your work, knowledge and responsive heart.


I found out about this good manual therapist from my friends. At that time my mom needed help. At the same time all of us decided to make an appointment. He came to our place and treated my grandmother, myself with my husband and our baby. Changes were immediately noticeable, especially of my mom and my husband. After working with emotions my husband got rid of the stress and bad mood. And my child’s back got straighter. Periodically we ask him to come for the prophylaxis or when there are some problems with my health.